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How much is the Rolex Submariner 5512 worth?

Rolex Submariner 5512

An iconic model within Rolex’s archives, the Submariner 5512 was in production from 1959 until the late 1970s. During its 20-year production run, the Submariner 5512 underwent several enhancements such as modifications to the crown guards, caliber changes, and dial updates. Today, there’s a robust market for the Submariner 5512 among vintage Rolex watch collectors and as a result, their values are on the rise. However, there is a myriad of factors that determine the current value of the Submariner 5512.

To better understand the value of the Submariner 5512, we have to look at how the model differed over the course of its history. Take for example the crown guards. When the model first came out it had square crown guards, followed by pointed crown guards and eventually the rounder crown guards we’re now familiar with.

The dials of the 5512 also evolved over its manufacturing run. Early models of the Submariner 5512 were equipped with non-chronometer certified movements, therefore did not include the ubiquitous “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” text on the dial. These versions are referred to two-liner Submariner 5512 since their glossy black dials only have two lines of (gilt) text. Once the Submariner 5512 was outfitted with chronometer-rated Caliber 1560 (and later the Caliber 1570), the dial then became a four-liner Submariner 5512 because it included the SCOC designation. The four liner editions were first available with glossy dials with gilt text, followed by matte black dials with whited printed text.

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Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu Replica Watch Hands-On

Collaborations and tie-ins are nothing new to Hublot. The brand thrives on them. And as part of the company’s release strategy, Hublot has also created numerous limited-edition watches to commemorate these relationships. For the most part, these limited-edition watches are variations of existing references – new dial colors, new case materials, new straps… that kind of stuff. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m sure many readers would prefer to see something a little different and special. It seemed like Hublot has heard our pleas because the limited-edition Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu is one of the more outstanding and unique limited-edition Big Bang watch that I have seen in recent times.

Both the case and dial have been designed by Maxime Buchi and it is even more striking in the flesh as compared to the press photos that I have seen. The bezel, for instance, is now cut and beveled and features a hexagonal shape that contrasts greatly against the other Big Bang watches. The top side is satin-finished while the angled, beveled edges are mirror-polished. The facets act as surfaces on which light is reflected, giving this new Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu case a greater sense of depth. The only design element that seems to have been carried over to the bezel are the signature Hublot H-shaped screws. Water resistance is 100 meters, which as I have mentioned many times before, should be the absolute minimum for a luxury sports watch.

The dial also sees big changes, in place of hands and counters, what you see is a series of octagonal gold-plated discs with symmetrical lines within them, stacked upon each other. The effect of this is quite profound. I’m almost tempted to say that it looks somewhat tribal, but then I realized that the shapes here were inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man drawing, and I figured the word that I’m actually looking for is probably classical.

There are three discs in total, and if you look closely, you can see that the tips of two are them are coated with white Super-LumiNova. It’s actually quite easy to read the time once you know what you are dealing with: the outer and largest disc indicates the hour, whereas the smaller disc shows the minutes, and the smallest unmarked disc in the middle of the dial spins to indicate the seconds.

To aid owners in reading the time, the dial’s flange indicates the hours and there’s an inner minutes track that aligns with the minutes disc. An interesting detail here is that the numerals on the flange and minutes track are specially created by Swiss Typefaces, which, as mentioned earlier, is the type-design studio arm of Sang Bleu.

The theme of symmetrical lines and geometric shapes continues onto the case middle too with engraved patterns at both lugs. The leather straps, which are made by Italian leather purveyors Schedoni, are not spared too, with embossed patterns that form a very coherent look with the rest of the watch. Taken as a whole, the Big Bang Sang Bleu is easily one of the most special-looking Big Bang watches, and that’s what I like most about it.

Inside, the Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu replica watch is powered by Hublot’s Unico HUB1213 movement, which is essentially a Unico movement with the chronograph function removed and the geartrain reworked so as to provide more torque to move the large discs. Power reserve remains unchanged at 72 hours, or three days.

Unique to the movement is the rotor, which continues the polygonal and symmetrical theme of the dial, featuring a silhouette of a triangle, surrounded by other symmetrical shapes and lines. It’s quite neat to see it spin when you give the watch a little shake.

Overall, the Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu is easily one of Hublot’s most remarkable and unique limited-edition watches, and hopefully future limited-edition Hublot pieces will use the Sang Bleu as an inspiration and strive to be more than just a simple variation of existing references. In fact, all brands should aspire to the same goals as the Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu. Limited-edition pieces shouldn’t just be an excuse to sell more watches, they should commemorate the watch for what it is and the Sang Bleu pulls this off successfully. It is easy to see that Maxime Buchi had a large role to play in the design of the Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu.

For fans of Hublot, the Big Bang Sang Bleu is an easy recommendation. It is a genuinely fresh take on the Big Bang collection and it is also really good-looking in the flesh. For other readers who are looking to buy into the Hublot family, the Sang Bleu is not a bad way also. You will be getting a Big Bang that is truly uncommon and special.

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Guide The TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 Aston Martin Replica Watch

Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s Heuer, and later TAG Heuer, sponsored Ferrari and a host of individual drivers and they were first to do so. In fact, it almost looks like Jack Heuer invented sponsoring racing, race drivers and even an Italian sports car brand. Nowadays the collaborations and partnerships between a watch brand and a car brand, or even the entire F1 organization (Rolex teamed up with them), seems to be a proven concept. IWC collaborates with Mercedes AMG, Hublot teamed up with Ferrari, and last week we told you about Richard Mille teaming up with McLaren.

The good thing about all of this is that we get some cool cars to show to you, in between of all the watch-content, and there are special editions or limited editions being launched in honour of the new collaborations. So besides a host of partnerships and partnership activities, TAG Heuer launched two watches in honour of the new partnership(s). One of them is the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Aston Martin, and being a battery-powered quartz watch, we will not spend too many words on it. The other is the Carrera Heuer 01 Aston Martin and that’s something we certainly have a liking for, here at MONOCHROME.

TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 Aston Martin

The basis is the well-known TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 replica watch, as we reviewed it three years ago A stainless steel case, measuring 45mm in diameter, with a sapphire crystal in the front and a sapphire pane in the black PVD coated case back. It’s water resistant to 100 meters and inside resides an in-house chronograph movement. All this means that this Carrera is a big and sporty chronograph that you do not have to remove from your wrist when you’re taking a shower or jumping into a swimming pool. You can easily wear it when doing sports, or anything else…. a great daily watch.

Now the ‘novelty’ about this version, is that it underlines the partnership with Aston Martin. Therefore the Aston Martin name is engraved in the black ceramic bezel, between the red TAG Heuer ‘shield’, at the 12 o’clock position, and the start of the tachymeter scale. The dial is skeletonised in a hexagonal pattern that is inspired on details of the new Aston Martin Vantage, and according to TAG Heuer this dial is exclusive for Aston Martin. The date is visible in an aperture between 3 and 4 o’clock, and the brand’s logo is positioned beside the date, between the dial’s center and the 3 o’clock marker.

Subdials for the 30-minute counter and 12-hour counter are at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock, and the small second hand is positioned at 9 o’clock. Inside the small second subdial is the Aston Martin logo. The applied hour markers come with luminescent material, like the steel hour and minute hands. Hands for the subdials are without luminescent material, and the tip of the centre chronograph second hand is painted red.

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Presenting The TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 Aston Martin Watch Replica

A few days ago, inside the Geneva Worldwide Motor Show (where TAG also announced the Monaco Gulf Unique), Jean-Claude Biver (Chief executive officer of TAG Heuer and President within the LVMH Group Watches Division) and Andy Palmer (President and Chief executive officer of Aston Martin) announced that TAG Heuer remains selected as Official Partner, Official Watch Partner and Official Connected Watch Partner of Aston Martin and Aston Martin Racing. That’s a mouthful… so let’s take a look at what interests us most: the brand-new TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 Aston Martin.

Through the 1960’s and 1970’s Heuer, then TAG Heuer, backed Ferrari and various individual motorists and they also were first to accomplish this. Really, it almost appears like Jack Heuer invented sponsoring racing, race motorists along with an Italian fancy vehicle brand. Nowadays the collaborations and partnerships in the watch emblem plus a vehicle brand, or even the entire F1 organization (Rolex partnered together), appears to get proven concept. IWC collaborates with Mercedes AMG, Hublot partnered with Ferrari, and a few days ago we mentioned about Richard Mille teaming an eye on McLaren.

The fantastic factor about all this is the fact we've got some awesome cars to show to suit your needs, among of all of the watch-content, and you will find special editions or limited editions being launched in recognition within the new collaborations. So besides numerous partnerships and partnership activities, TAG Heuer launched two watches in recognition within the lindsey stirling(s). One of these brilliant may be the TAG Heuer Formula 1 Aston Martin, and just like a battery-powered quarta movement watch, we won't spend plenty of words about this. Another may be the Carrera Heuer 01 Aston Martin and that’s something there's a liking for, at MONOCHROME.

TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 Aston Martin

The inspiration may be the well-known Carrera Heuer 01, as we reviewed it (see here) 3 years ago (last year we reviewed the entire ceramic version.) A stainless-steel situation, calculating 45mm across, obtaining a azure very in front (domed, bevelled edge, double anti-reflective treatment) along with a azure pane within the black PVD coated situation back. It’s water-resistance against 100 meters and inside resides an in-house chronograph movement. All meaning this Carrera is a huge and sporty chronograph that it's not necessary to remove out of your wrist when you are bathing or jumping in a pool. You'll be able to put on it when conducting sports, or anything else…. an excellent daily watch (or daily beater once there's a inclination to consider it as being.)

The ‘novelty’ regarding this version, can it be underlines their bond with Aston Martin. Therefore the Aston Martin name is engraved within the black ceramic bezel, relating to the red TAG Heuer ‘shield’, inside the 12 o’clock position, and the beginning of the tachymeter scale. The dial is skeletonised within the hexagonal pattern that's inspired on information on the brand-new Aston Martin Vantage, and based on TAG Heuer this dial differs for Aston Martin. The TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer 01 Aston Martin replica watch date is observed in a aperture between 3 and 4 o’clock, along with the brand’s emblem lies near to the date, relating to the dial’s center along with the 3 o’clock marker.

Subdials for the 30-minute counter and 12-hour counter will be in 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock, along with the small second hands lies at 9 o’clock. Within the small second subdial may be the Aston Martin emblem. The applied hour markers include luminescent material, such as the steel hour and minute hands. Hands for the subdials are without luminescent material, along with the tip within the center chronograph second hands is colored red.

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Introducing The Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey Limited Edition Watch

Quick Take

Launched in conjunction with their announcement of artist Shepard Fairey as a new brand ambassador, Hublot has created a limited edition of their hand-wound Meca-10 line that has been designed with input from Fairey. The latest in Hublot's series of art-themed watches, Fairey, who founded OBEY clothing and whose art includes the creation of the iconic Barack Obama Hope poster, seems a natural fit for the brand's focus on disruptive, avant-garde, and controversial artists.

Limited to 100 pieces in two different colors, the Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey LE replica watch is a predictably bold and colorful expression of Hublot's recognizable shape, with a patterned Texalium and carbon fiber case, skeletonized dial, a funky power reserve indicator, and Fairey's own Star Gear logo on the dial.

Initial Thoughts

Outside of perhaps the skeletonized dial, which is certainly not unique to this Hublot design, these Shepard Fairey editions are characterized by the rather detailed application of a tribal floral pattern in the Texalium upper element of the watch's 45mm case. Texalium, for those who don't recall the Big Bang Unico Italia Independent, is specialized aluminum-coated carbon fiber and it allows for the application of a wide variety of colors and the formation of entirely customized imagery within the material. This is basically ideal for a watch that is inspired by the work of a visual artist and the Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey can be had in either blue or grey with additional red accents.  

Both versions have Fairey's star logo on the dial at three and are powered by Hublot's hand-wound HUB 1201 movement. With a 10 day power reserve, this movement has time, sub seconds, and a distinctive cog wheel power reserve display at six o'clock that uses a framed red aperture to show the remaining reserve (in days). Additionally, this Hublot has the brand's "one click" strap changing system, which allows for simple and tool-less strap changes. As offered here, both versions come on a rubber and calf leather strap with an embossed design from the artist himself.

While not a model that speaks to my tastes, I can understand the appeal for 200 well-heeled Fairey devotees and collectors. Not unlike past examples from Hublot's "Hublot Loves Art" series, these models act as an extension of the appeal of the artist themselves, introducing a highly niche Hublot to an engaged audience that can be expected to understand both the artist's greater appeal and the nature of collecting within that specific space. As a watch, the $28,300 Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey translates his artistic creation into a medium that remains collectible, while still functioning as a wearable and everyday enjoyable product.

The Basics

Brand: Hublot
Model: Big Bang Meca-10 Shepard Fairey
Reference Number: 414.YF.1137.VR.SHF18 and 414.YL.5179.VR.SHF18

Diameter: 45mm
Case Material: Carbon fiber and Texalium
Dial Color: Blue or grey
Lume: Yes, blue or red.
Water Resistance: 100m
Strap/Bracelet: Rubber and calf leather in either blue or grey

The Movement

Caliber: Hublot HUB1201
Functions: Hours, minutes, seconds, power reserve
Diameter: 34.80mm
Thickness: 6.8mm
Power Reserve: 10 Days
Winding: Manual
Frequency: 21,600 vph
Jewels: 24
Additional Details: Skeletonized

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What About Buy A Hot Sale IWC Big Pilot’s Watch?

Even though it is based on a military design from the late 1930s – the now-legendary “B-Uhr” observation watch that IWC supplied to the German air force and navy during World War 2 – the Big Pilot’s Watch is very much a modern classic in its own right.

For one thing, there was no commercially available version of those wartime watches produced at any point until the brand decided to use the vintage aesthetic as inspiration in 2002.

It launched in blue, strangely enough, complete with massive, near-conical onion crown, period-appropriate hands and triangle at 12 o’clock. Not only did it debut IWC’s 7-day automatic movement with power reserve but it clocked up a hefty 46mm diameter.

The dial

That did as much as any watch to ramp up the Noughties appetite for oversized watches, and even though fashions are now moving in the other direction, the Big Pilot’s exemplifies everything that is good about big watches. It’s sporty yet serious, pretty understated – verging on sombre – in its design and despite its size can genuinely be worn with a suit. Alongside Panerai, it continues to fly the flag for big watches that it’s ok to lust after.

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A Rolex Submariner Ref. 5513 Gilt Dial Watch Purchased To Thrill A Prince

Pre-owned Rolex exchange website Bob’s Watches receives numerous Rolex watches, a few including effective tales. During this series, the master of Bob’s Watches Paul Altieri will share real tales about real Rolex watches and discuss how come both watches additionally for their very personal histories so unique and appealing.

Among their most broadly used type of watches, the Rolex Submariner is a kind of option for first-time buyers and seasoned collectors alike. Initially introduced in 1954, the Rolex Submariner line experienced numerous revisions with time, with certain vintage references attaining unparalleled amounts of collectibility.

Many vintage Rolex collectors like the no-date Submariner for the date-displaying counterpart because it is more faithful for that spirit from the initial Rolex Submariner, the reference 6204. No-date Rolex Submariner may be the essential dive watch, that is timeless design can make it incredibly versatile along with a true classic.

First introduced in 1962, the reference 5513 Rolex Submariner was a really extended production run (even by Rolex standards), because it ongoing to get being produced until 1989. The reference 5513 was almost similar to Rolex’s other, no-date Rolex Submariner in individuals days, the reference 5512 however, the reference 5513 was fitted obtaining a non-chronometer-certified caliber 1520 movement, and lacked the extra “Superlative Chronometer Formally Certified” lines of text across the dial.

Because of its very extended production run, a variety of subtitle variations exists between different reference 5513 Rolex Submariners, and every alludes for that era where the watch was manufactured. Greatest of individuals variations, and perhaps the important thing to collectors, is the kind of dial across the watch.

Initially, the reference 5513 Rolex Submariner was fitted obtaining a glossy, gilt dial that have gold lettering however, in 1967, Rolex switched for that classic matte black dial with white-colored-colored-colored text on almost all other vintage Rolex watches. Because of their narrow production window, reference 5513 Rolex Submariners with gilt dials are viewed quite rare and highly searched for-after by collectors.

Another dial variation that wil attract to collectors may be the “meters first” depth rating, can also be a sign of a young production run. The very first gilt dials, plus a handful of in the initial reference 5513 matte dials obtain depth rating printed while using the meters measurement listed first, while all later Rolex Submariner 5513 dials and contemporary Submariner dials obtain depth ratings printed while using the feet measurement appearing first.

Though it doesn't have a very chronometer-certified movement, the reference 5513 Rolex Submariner may be the classic Rolex dive watch, that is 28-year-extended production run is proof of its rock-solid (although non-COSC-certified) movement, versatile design, and timeless appearance. Really, with the 1960s, during visit to England, an associate within the Prince of Kuwait purchased themselves a product-new reference 5513 Rolex Submariner while using the about impressing his royal companion while he came back home.

Because the reference 5513 Rolex Submariner happen to be created by Rolex a couple of years prior in 1962, it had been still a rather new design, plus it was considered just like a condition-of-the-art dive instrument, made to accompany divers and oceanographers since they explored the ocean’s depths.

Since original owner purchased this Rolex Submariner while using the intent of impressing the Prince of Kuwait, this excellent Rolex Submariner 5513 wasn't destined for almost any info on rough treatment and abuse, since most of another reference 5513 Rolex Submariners of occasions may have been. The reference 5513 Rolex Submariner is a popular option for various nations’ military branches, and lots of were lost or destroyed during use.

The Rolex Submariner reference 5513  replica watch continues to be available since 1962, and matte dials replaced gilt dials merely a couple of years later in 1967, a really portion within the reference 5513 Rolex Submariners ever created are fitted with gilt dials - especially with the 28-year-extended production run within the reference 5513 Rolex Submariner. Furthermore, many of these original gilt dials were substituted with matte service dials once the watches were published to Rolex for repair and servicing. Here’s the very first meters-first, two line gilt dial as near as possible to the way looked every day it had been created.

It's these subtle details and apparently minor nuances define an authentic collector’s piece, and lastly you can keep them clamoring and looking out for your pieces. Usually, several of these 5513 Rolex Submariners are really fussed with or bear the scars of energy, but seeing the one which saw royally gentle me is really a goody for the enthusiast.

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Hublot Launches The See-through Big Bang Unico Sapphire

If there’s one accusation regularly levelled at Hublot, it’s over the sheer volume of limited editions it produces, nullifying the idea that a limited edition is that much more exclusive and therefore that much more special. Well, here’s one Hublot limited edition – 500 pieces are being produced worldwide – that really is exclusive: a watch that is virtually see-through. Behold the Hublot Big Bang Unico Sapphire.

Back in 2012 Richard Mille produced the first watch cased in sapphire crystal – a run of five RM 056 models that were priced at around £1 million, with cases that were reportedly so tough to mill from solid blocks of crystal that they broke several very expensive machines in the process. A few more Richard Mille watches have followed since, while in January this year Hublot showed us something rather remarkable – a version of the La Ferrari mega watch with a crystal case, milled into a remarkable and pristine bubble around the frankly insane movement.

But for Basel the brand will be presenting the most extensive run of sapphire-cased watches yet, having worked with a Swiss-based specialist to create the necessary parts. The three parts of the case – bezel, middle and back – are all cut from blocks of sapphire, while the screws, deployant buckle and crown made from titanium, the latter over-moulded with silicon. The lugs are made from a transparent composite resin.

Encased in the silicon is Hublot’s Unico chronograph movement, in a look that gives new meaning to the phrase “open worked”. Though Hublot makes no mention of it in the press release, looking closely at the picture below suggests that even the hands and markings themselves are transparent, and decorated with lume – indeed, the watch may well be easier to read in the dark than in daylight.

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Introducing The Breitling Navitimer 8 collection Watch

Breitling Navitimer 8 DLC treated black automatic stainless steel

As such, the logo "wings" Breitling also disappear again watch faces the new creative director of Kern and Breitling, Guy Bove, who left Chopard, which indicates that the compact design take up too much space on the dial.

Kern also announced that it would reduce the number of references in the Breitling offers from 650 to 120. While we were only surprised that it offered many Breitling first watches, reducing the size of Strategy the collection is the same throughout the industry to start sales . There are simply too many options and too many clocks in the stores waiting to be sold.Breitling Navitimer 8 replica watch.

Breitling Navitimer 8 B01 Pink gold chronograph

Kern also revealed that this decision is based on sales figures rather than instinct, emphasizing that Breitling's biggest selling show over the past 12 months was of the super-inherited Ocean on a Milanese mesh bracelet, not the Navitimer.

Breitling will also increase its entry price by giving up some models of the Colt collection, including the Colt Chronograph (£ 2,550) and the new Colt Skyracer (£ 1,690). Kern said he did not think Breitling had a company that offered watches in this price segment. This is a bold move as other players in the industry have actively reduced their entry fees to make them more accessible to a wider audience. There is COSC certification in 100% of Breitling's production.

Breitling Navitimer 8 chronograph

The first truly new product revealed under Kern's leadership is the Navitimer 8 collection that includes an automatic with date, two chronographs, a day / date and a timestamp. Kern was quick to point out that despite the somewhat confusing use of the name Navitimer, navitimer range 8 are complemented instead of replacing the existing Navitimer, which became known as the Navitimer 1.

Breitling Navitimer 8 day and date

Breitling maintain a two-level chronograph offer in the Navitimer collection with navitimer 8 8 B01 and internal movement of the same name (£ 5950 in the crocodile) while providing a time meter from 13 to base Valjoux 7750. The most obvious difference it is the 9/6/3 design of the B01 records and the 12/9/6 of the Valjoux-based alternative. A world clock of 43 mm with the name of Unitime completes the collection.

Breitling Navitimer 8 Unitime

The decision of Kern Bove and stripped much of the technical elements and the "design language" that people associate with Breitling, Navitimer Collection 8 adding a more elegant side with the brand. But maybe if last year's bestseller was Superocean Heritage, that's exactly what Breitling customers want.

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Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis Watch Hands-On

To give you some context, the Hublot MP collection houses some of its most creative and original timepieces. The first MP watch was the MP-05 LaFerrari 2013, which shows the time using a single barrel system and has an incredibly long power reserve of 1,200 hours, 50 days! The brand launched last year the MP-07, which also shows the time through a unique barrel system and has a shorter, but no less impressive, energy reserve of 1,000 hours or 40 days. So, what is the new Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis watch?

As you can see, the new Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis replica watch starts with a classic case, builds a special glass case for the two-axis tourbillon at 6 o'clock. It's different from other cases, and I think it looks very good. It is also particularly difficult to achieve because the shell is very strange, but the sapphire crystal, which is one piece and has three sides, must be more complex to manufacture to fit the shape of the box. It has no restrictions and represents Hublot's dedication to both innovation in movement and construction that must be respected.

In the process of realization, the effect of the casing and the glass allows an excellent visualization of the biaxial vortex. The tourbillon is a fast vortex that, together with the curved sapphire crystal, allows an exciting vision. Perform a single rotation per minute on one axis and one rotation every 30 seconds on the other axis. Taking into account that the tourbillon is in French for "tourbillon", it is a particularly relevant description in this case.

The disk itself is quite special, the only "normal" is the small secondary dial that shows the time, which is in the upper right. It is partially skeletonized, of course, and has two hands that indicate hours and minutes. Readability is not the best if I am honest, and that is mainly because the hands are short and difficult to distinguish from the hour indexes themselves, mainly because they are made in the same black and white style. But who uses this clock on earth to know the time?

Fortunately, the date is easier to read. Instead of a typical date window, there are two rows of arched figures below the dial. And the date is indicated by a white disk that moves below the numbers that indicate the date. To correct the date, there is a lever to the left of the box, at 9 o'clock, which simply pushes forward or backward. This is a mechanism that highlights the creative innovation and design in Hublot, and one can imagine that the enthusiasm in the design studio reaches the ceiling.

To the left of the date indicator is the energy reserve indicator, which looks like a fuel indicator, so it's also great. What is less cool is the label that says "5 day power reserve". It is an energy reserve meter. There is no need to proclaim the length of the energy reserve, I think. I would prefer the label to say the model of the watch, for example, "MP-09". But, after writing this, I realized that it was not a clock designed with no "montage", and the large italic font on a red background is 100% done to get attention.

The case

The Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis has a large case 49 mm wide and 17.95 mm thick. It will be available in three variants, all in limited edition. There is a titanium version, a King Gold version and a titanium version with diamonds. The one that we managed to take possession of titanium.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the fact that Hublot is a manufacturer that designs and builds its own movements. And in fact, it's a point that Hublot wants to impress. The heart of this watch is the new caliber HUB9009.H1.RA, they are not the sexiest names, I know. What is more sexy, however, is that it is composed of 356 components and that it beats at 3 Hz with a power reserve of 120 hours or 5 days. It is also well finished, not in the classic style, but in this unique industrial style that characterizes the movements of Hublot. Much of the movement is anthracite and has beveled anthracite bridges, circular graining on the wheels, polished teeth and a finely polished tourbillon cage.

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